Architecture, urban landscape and personal history intersect in my art practice. I explore the idea of home in my paintings and the built environment in the sculptures that I construct.  In each series, I endeavor to consider the spaces we inhabit and how we move through them physically and emotionally.  

In my paintings, wooden supports in the shape of a house are beguilingly simple but the subject of home is complex. What does it mean to have a home?  A prison or a refuge? A place of belonging or no more than a suitcase; it is a physical space but also an emotional landscape inextricably bound with memory.  Domestic objects – a chair, a lamp, a coffee cup, stand in as characters in these abstracted interiors that combine color and fragments of text to create open ended narratives.

My sculptural work then expands from personal spaces into the urban/industrial landscape. Using found/salvaged materials like wood, cardboard and plastic I respond to their materiality to build structures and installations that reflect the rapid expansion of cities and their resulting cast-offs. Left in piles by the roadside or in dumpsters they call out to be turned into something more. Reimagined, they retain their history while becoming something entirely different. 

“Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.” – James Baldwin